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Treasure Cay Billfish Tournament Registration Page

Treasure Cay Billfish Tournament Registration Page
If you have any questions regarding our tournaments, please contact us at (954) 525-7711 or info@treasurecay.com
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Tournament meal/drink tickets for additional participants are available at: $230 for adults and $115 for children (under 12)
Extra adults @ $230

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Extra children @ $115

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Registration Fee :   $2950  

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     Itis expressly understood that all boats/teams and participants enteredin the Annual Treasure Cay Billfish Tournament will operate theirvessels and/or fish at their own discretion and solely at their ownrisk. Treasure Cay Hotel Resort & Marina, Treasure Cay, Ltd., anyaffiliated companies, its officers and directors, tournament officials,sponsors, donors and all persons connected directly or with theoperations of said tournament shall be exempt from any liability forlibel, slander, loss, damage,negligence, harm, injury or death suffered by any vessel owners,captains, crews, participants, vessels and equipment which may occur duringthe said event. All vessel owners, captains, crews and participantsagree to hold harmless the tournament, tournament officials, resort andany of its affiliated companies for any loss, damage, injury or death.

        All vessel owners, captains, crews, anglers and participants will operate their vessels and/or fish at theirown discretion and solely at their own risk. There will be NO weatherdays. Any weather data posted or announced by the Tournament Committeewill be for information purposes only. It is agreed, thatthe Tournament Committee and the organizers will not be liable for suchweather postings or announcements or the omission of such postings orannouncements.

        By signing or submitting the entryform, the team consents that Treasure Cay Hotel Resort & Marina andTreasure Cay Ltd. May place camera equipment and personnel aboard totake video, television and photographs and may use without payment orrestriction any material in which he/she appears for any purposewhatsoever, including but not limited to resale, advertising,commercial or promotional material. It is further understood that allvideo, movies and pictures are the property of the Treasure Cay HotelResort & Marina and Treasure Cay Ltd. andmay not be used without the written consent of either. All rules andpertinent laws are to be construed as to the laws of the Bahamas.